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Bi-folding gate

Bi-folding gate – fast and durable combining the advantages of the barriers and swing gate, allow the secure access control to facility. This gate is special for places with small spaaces for driveway. Bi-folding gate allow for quick open. Folding gates are available in standard sizes from 3000 to 10 000 mm wide and a height of 1200 mm to 2400 mm. There is a possibility of making custom made gates. Bi-folding gates are available in both single or two wing.

Main advantages:

  • simple operation via remote control
  • corrosion protection - dip galvanized
  • quick and easy installation
  • easy to open emergency (manual)
  • concealed wiring

Additional options:

  • mounted light signal (RED / GREEN) control safe entry to the property
  • speed of reaction of opening of 1m / s
  • possibility of mounting strips edge (safety)
  • Emergency STOP button
  • service gateway with a key (OPEN-STOP-CLOSE)
  • system card reader
  • induction loop