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Parking tyre killer

Parking tyre killer is designed to provide maximum protection against the entry of unauthorized vehicles. Parking tyre killer can be mounted in the form of feedback from the barrier, combined the right tie rod. During closing the parking tyre killer protrude, while the position of the barrier open the parking tyre killer retract.

The second possibility of mounting traffic spike barrier surface mount is the installation echidnas parking system inertia, which involves retracting the parking tyre killer under the pressure of the tires of a passing car and then raise their self after driving the vehicle. Drive through the parking tyre killer strip is then possible only in one direction.

Main advantages:

  • corrosion protection - dip galvanized + RAL
  • manual system, used during outage power
  • control system mounted in a cabinet resistant to weather conditions in the category IP65
  • quick and easy installation

Additional options:

  • additional semaphore light, signaling safe entry to the platform
  • system card reader
  • induction loop