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Road blocker

High security Road blocker is a platform design for providing the maximum protection against the entry of unauthorized vehicles. Firewalls provide different levels of security, they are produced in different strength classes and the impact of various lengths. Locking the tipping frame is pulled out to a height of 600 mm - 900 mm, driven by hydraulic actuators. Proper configuration, tailored to individual customer needs allows you to meet the expectations, while providing maximum protection for the property.

Main advantages:

  • works in temperature range -20 / + 55 ° C
  • fast response time (2-5 seconds)
  • mounted warning light in the locking tilt frame
  • corrosion protection - dip galvanized
  • manual system, used during outage power
  • control system mounted in a cabinet resistant to weather conditions in the category IP65
  • quick and easy installation
  • control panel (OPEN - STOP - CLOSE - EMERGENCY STOP)

Additional options:

  • system EFO (reaction time of 1-1.5 seconds)
  • emergency power supply UPS
  • additional semaphore light, signaling safe entry to the platform
  • system card reader
  • heating system lock in extremely low temperatures
  • induction loop